Texting is no laughing matter

Graham Cluley

Texting is no laughing matter

You were expecting a chortle? Serious message.

Graham Cluley Graham Cluley is a veteran of the anti-virus industry having worked for a number of security companies since the early 1990s when he wrote the first ever version of Dr Solomon's Anti-Virus Toolkit for Windows. Now an independent security analyst, he regularly makes media appearances and is an international public speaker on the topic of computer security, hackers, and online privacy. Follow him on Twitter at @gcluley, or drop him an email.

3 Replies to “Texting is no laughing matter”

  1. Great clip. That says it all. Texting while driving is already illegal in many places here in the US and soon to be the law for the State of Texas. However, enforcement is another story.

    1. At 58 years of age I don't even answer the phone in the car much less text. The fates will get you it you do it long enough.

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