Smashing Security #002: 'Invest in carrier pigeons'

Three security industry veterans, chatting live about whatever is on their mind.

Join me and fellow computer security industry veterans Vanja Svajcer and Carole Theriault as we have another casual video chat about whatever is on our minds. You can either watch the video, or listen to the podcast.

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This week, in Smashing Security #002: "Invest in carrier pigeons", we discuss Donald Trump's views on cybersecurity and his radical explanation of how to keep communications top secret, Ukrainian soldiers being spied upon by Android malware, and an artist who has devised a novel way of avoiding facial recognition technology.

All this, and an unplanned appearance by an invisible dog.

Hope you enjoy the show, and tell us what you think! You can follow the Smashing Security team at @SmashinSecurity on Twitter.

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Ken Grayling
Ken Grayling

Carrier Pigeons! Hasn't The Donald heard of drones?


I enjoy these videos but the bad audio quality makes them difficult to listen to.

I assume you're using Google Hangouts and I appreciate that the other two speakers are not in the UK but the echo makes the whole audio track gnarly to the ear. Your voice Graham sounds crystal clear.

If Skype, FaceTime and other services are equally poor then perhaps if one person waited for the other to finish (I don't know whether delay makes this impracticable) the quality would improve. It seems that when people talk over each other the echo is exacerbated by the audio feedback and compression.


Re privacy: I went from Windows 7 to 10 last summer, and was shocked by the super aggressive demands from Microsoft to know all my data, study my writing patterns, etc. Many people are not able to try to protect themselves from the spies and/or marketers (is there a difference???).