Fake anti-virus


Prison for man who assisted scareware scheme that targeted newspaper website

A man wanted for his part in a lucrative criminal operation that spread scareware via the Minnesota Star Tribune website, who spent years on the run from the FBI, has finally been sent to prison.

Read more in my article on the Tripwire State of Security blog.

Norton Antivirus tech support scam lands Symantec reseller in hot water

Symantec has terminated an agreement with one of its partners after a rival security firm caught the reseller using fake anti-virus warnings to lure customers into purchasing Norton at a bloated price.

David Bisson reports.

Is your computer plagued by ad injectors? Google shares staggering adware infection stats

5% of people who visit Google sites have at least one ad injector installed.

A staggering half of those have at least two installed, with nearly one-third having at least four!

The mind boggles… Could you have an ad injector running on your computer?

Bogus anti-virus apps in the official Windows Phone and Android app stores

Always be careful about what you download – even if it comes from an official app store.

Kaspersky researchers find bogus versions of their products in the Windows Phone and Android stores.

Bogus Android anti-virus app dupes thousands, including Google itself, and makes it to #1 in the charts

A paid-for Android anti-virus app rapidly becomes one of the hottest downloads in the official Google Play store.

Shame it doesn’t scan for any malware then.

Seen the Tapsnake virus warning on your Android? Here’s what you need to know

Android users risk being duped by scareware adverts, that try to fool them into thinking that their devices are infected by malicious software.

Brightest Flashlight Free – the Android app that secretly sent user location to advertisers

Tens of millions of Android users have installed the Brightest Flashlight Free app, not realising that the app engaged in dirty tricks to share information about users’ location and devices with advertisers without consent.

Virus Bulletin – aside from the talks there was plenty of free beer and table football

Virus Bulletin, the anti-malware industry’s annual conference, wasn’t just about the excellent technical talks and opportunities to network with the smart folks behind most of the world’s anti-virus products.

There were also opportunities to have some fun in Berlin…

Are apps in the Android and Apple markets really secure?

Security researchers looked at over 800,000 apps available for download from the Android and iOS App Stores – and were depressed to find that many were being reckless with users’ privacy and security.

Virus Bulletin – the world’s leading anti-virus experts meet next week

Everyone who is anyone in the anti-malware industry will be meeting in Berlin next week for the 23rd Virus Bulletin International Conference.

Angry Birds write their own anti-virus. Call it BitDefender. Sell it in Windows Store. But beware…

It may claim to be BitDefender AntiVirus 2013, written by Angry Birds with help from Kaspersky. But it isn’t.

Microsoft needs to police the Windows Store with greater vigour.

Bamital botnet dismantled, as Microsoft seizes control of malware servers

Security experts at Microsoft, working with others in the computer security industry, have disrupted a botnet being used by the Bamital malware family.

Here’s how you know if *you* need to take any action on your PCs.

A short history of hacking attacks against the media

The revelation of the Chinese hacking campaign against reporters working for the New York Times has raised awareness of targeted malware attacks, but what does the history of cyberattacks against media agencies look like?

Graham Cluley takes a trip down memory lane..

Fake anti-virus attack spread via bogus ADP anti-fraud update emails

If the person who is telling you to install a security update can’t be trusted, or isn’t who they claim to be, there’s a chance you could be heading into even bigger danger.

Sophos Security Threat Report 2013 – the safest and riskiest countries revealed

Download the free Sophos Security Threat Report, looking back over 2012 and exploring what security threats and trends we will all be facing tomorrow.

Fake anti-virus disguises used by Android malware

The Android malware threat is growing.

And it’s no surprise to see similar social engineering tricks that have worked on other operating systems in the past also being used on the Android platform.