Before I joined the computer security industry in the early 1990s, I used to write computer games for the Sinclair ZX81, Memotech MTX512, Prime Minicomputer, and IBM PC. Here you can find out about some of them:

Jacaranda Jim – DOS text adventure game. (Either play it online, or download). Check out reviews here.

Humbug – a better DOS text adventure game. (Either play it online, or download). Check out reviews here, including the definitive in-depth review by Joe Pranevich on The Adventure Gamer blog.

Blox – a shameless Tetris rip-off with a nice Boss key.

Wibbling Wilf – a “bad trip” spin on Pacman, involving leaky jam sandwiches and harmonicas. Check out reviews here.


In 1992, Red Herring magazine interviewed me, and published a couple of articles about my games. If you’re curious you can check them out below (click for larger versions).

Redherring rampack 600
“And in the beginning there were RAM pack wobbles…” Click for larger version
Redherring welsh 600
“I wish people who lived in Wales had legible handwriting.” Click for larger version

And here’s a nice review Sue Medley wrote about Jacaranda Jim for Zero magazine.

Zero sue medley 600
Review published in Zero magazine. Click for larger version

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