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Bob Covello (@BobCovello) is a 20-year technology veteran and InfoSec analyst with a passion for security topics. He is also a volunteer for various organizations focused on advocating for and advising others about staying safe and secure online.

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Firms, stop sending out automated emails that look suspicious as hell!

Guest contributor Bob Covello isn’t happy about automated emails being sent out by a legal firm.

It looked like a Citrix ShareFile phishing attack, but wasn’t

Guest contributor Bob Covello isn’t happy about a password reset email that Citrix has been sending its customers.

If you’re a company contacting your customers via email, please make sure it doesn’t look phishy.

Phone scam exploits Russian hacking fears

Guest contributor Bob Covello describes an unexpected phone call he received out of the blue.

Using bots to scam the scammers

A new bot takes the work out of fighting back against the scammers.

Bob Covello reports.

New NIST guidelines banish periodic password changes

New draft guidelines have been issued by NIST are recommending that users should not be forced to periodically change their passwords.

Guest contributor Bob Covello reports.

Why your password is still important – even if you use multi-factor authentication

Just because you have two factor authentication doesn’t mean you can afford to be sloppy with password security, explains guest contributor Bob Covello.

A brief technology primer for Donald Trump

Guest contributor Bob Covello shares some advice with the US President-Elect.

How to make your WhatsApp even more private and secure

It’s great that WhatsApp now offers end-to-end encryption, but did you know there is even more you can do to tighten your messages’ privacy and security?

Bob Covello reports.

The new economics of data protection in a world of ransomware

In pure economic terms, the authors of the 7ev3n ransomware may have overpriced their product. Backups will cost you less than falling victim to an attack.

Bob Covello reports.

Take care when sharing your iPad with your family, or face a monster bill…

A seven-year-old British boy managed to spend an eye-watering £4,000 (almost US $6,000) playing the game “Jurassic World” on his dad’s iPad. How can you prevent the same happening to you?

Bob Covello reports.

Boiled passports leave a bad taste in the mouth of authorities

Thinking of microwaving your passport to nuke the RFID chip?

Guest contributor Bob Covello has some advice for you.

How close are you to your passwords?

Is it safe to your passwords under your keyboard, or stuck on your monitor?

Bob Covello discusses the danger of being in close proximity to your passwords.

Take care how you charge your phone when you’re in the hospital

What’s the harm of “plugging in” to snatch a few precious volts while you visit a sick friend or loved one, or as you wait around in the emergency room?

Perhaps more than you think, explains Bob Covello.

Chattering Wi-Fi devices are a short hop away from the crown jewels of your network

Sit down, make yourself a cup of tea, and learn how poorly-secured Wi-Fi devices could potentially be a target for criminals keen to break into your home network.

Bob Covello reports.

Opinion: Maybe you shouldn’t junk LastPass just yet

LastPass’s announcement has upset a lot of users, but should you dump the password manager for another product?

Guest contributor Bob Covello shares his thoughts.

Encryption is the only guarantee of data destruction in the cloud

Guest columnist Bob Covello argues that the only absolute guarantee that data you store in the cloud will never be accessed by an unauthorised party is to encrypt it.