Jilted woman ‘created fake Facebook account, so she could frame ex-boyfriend’s new lover’


Woman wearing glasses. No, it's not the same woman who is mentioned in the story. It's just a woman wearing glassesJust when you think you’ve heard every crazy story in the world, another one comes along to trump it.

A Michigan woman who reported to police that her ex-boyfriend was stalking her and harrassing her via Facebook has found herself the subject of investigation by the authorities.

According to media reports, Cheryl Nelson, from the Grand Rapids area, faces criminal charges after allegedly admitting creation bogus Facebook accounts with her former boyfriend’s details, in the hope of framing his new girlfriend.

Investigating detective Jason Russo was reported as saying that Nelson filed a complaint against her former boyfriend Kevin Haarsma, and his new girlfriend, claiming they stuck threatening letters on Nelson’s front door. However, when Russo searched Nelson’s computer evidence was reportedly found that the jilted woman had created false Facebook accounts.

The false account, which claimed to belong to Kevin Haarsma, posted threatening messages to 52-year-old Nelson, who admitted she couldn’t let go of the relationship.

Just in case you missed it - the woman accused of misleading the police, and creating the bogus Facebook accounts, wasn’t some emotionally immature teenager. She was a 52-year-old woman.

And there I was thinking that it was just kids cyber-bullying each other on Facebook.

What a sad state of affairs.

Folks, if you come out of a relationship badly, and need time to heal, it might be wise to step away from the computer keyboard for a while until you can trust yourself to act responsibly.

Don’t forget - anything you post on the Facebook (or elsewhere on the internet) might be used against you in the future.

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