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Adobe patches second Flash zero-day vulnerability ahead of schedule

Ahead of schedule, Adobe begins to automatically update Flash against another actively-exploited security hole.

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Running Adobe Flash? You need to read this today

Two critical security vulnerabilities, being actively exploited by online criminals, have been discovered in Adobe Flash.

There has been a patch released for one of them, but not the other one…

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Malicious ads run next to popular YouTube videos, laced with the Sweet Orange exploit kit

Security researchers have discovered a criminal campaign exploiting the YouTube platform, where some of the site’s most popular videos have had malicious adverts displayed alongside them.

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Internet Explorer 8 users told their browser has less than 18 months to live

The single most popular browser on computer desktops around the world is Internet Explorer 8 – and its days are officially numbered.

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Hacked Japanese porn sites spread banking malware attack

Thinking of spending some time perusing Japanese porn websites before you do your online banking? Security researchers at ESET have analysed an organised malware campaign that stole the login credentials of online banking customers after infecting PCs that had visited X-rated websites.

Read more in my article on the We Live Security website.

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Security patches for Microsoft products and Adobe Flash – what are you waiting for?

It’s that time of the month again.

Make sure your computers are properly patched, with the latest security fixes from Microsoft and Adobe.

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Patch Tuesday is coming – and Windows XP users are out of luck

Microsoft has published limited information about the security bulletins it will be publishing on 10 June, as part of its monthly Patch Tuesday round-up.

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Patch Tuesday sounds the death knell for Windows XP

So this is it. The big one. We’ve had false starts before, but this time Microsoft really *are* going to tell the world about security vulnerabilities in Windows and *not* patch them in XP.

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It’s time to get rid of Windows XP, as Patch Tuesday looms

As I write this today, Windows XP is patched against known Microsoft security vulnerabilities.

But as of next Tuesday that will no longer be the case.

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Microsoft issues emergency security patch for Internet Explorer – even for Windows XP users!

#Turn around, bright eyes…#

Microsoft fixes critical Internet Explorer flaw being used in targeted attacks, and hands a lifeline to Windows XP users.

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New zero-day exploit attack sees Internet Explorer in the line of fire. No fix from Microsoft yet

A new zero-day vulnerability has been found in all versions of Internet Explorer, and it is being actively exploited in targeted attacks according to security firm FireEye.

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Critical Internet Explorer zero-day vulnerability patched by Microsoft

Microsoft releases a fix for a zero-day vulnerability that has already been exploited by hackers in targeted attacks against some organisations. Don’t delay!

Read my post on the We Live Security blog.

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Critical IE and other flaws discovered. Patch your systems now, says Microsoft

If your system administrator looks a little frazzled this week, be nice to him or her and don’t grumble too much about the photocopier being jammed. It may be that they have more serious issues on their mind.

Read more in my article on the We Live Security blog.

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Critical security fixes on their way from Microsoft, but none yet for the CVE-2013-5065 zero-day

Microsoft says it is all set to fix a bunch of security flaws on Patch Tuesday, including one involving TIFF files.

But there’s no date yet for a fix for an in-the-wild zero-day threat affecting Windows XP users.

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Microsoft to patch actively-exploited zero-day flaw on Tuesday

Microsoft has a fix already prepped, for an attack that has seen malware load directly into computers’ memory, bypassing the hard drive.

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Critical security updates for users of Microsoft and Adobe software

Patch Tuesday has been and gone, which means that if you’re responsible for the security of the computers in your office – or the ones you use at home – it’s time to update your systems once again.

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