Google Chrome

Google blocking all links as malicious [now fixed]

Hopefully this is a false alarm.

Let’s hope it gets fixed soon, because boy oh boy it’s going to be inconvenient.

Chrome web browser toughens up, blocking “deceptive” downloads

Google says Chrome will display a warning if it identifies a download that might be planning to mess with your browsing experience – such as changing your homepage without permission, or meddling with your browser settings.

Read more in my article on the Hot for Security blog.

LinkedIn warns of Sell Hack browser plugin that claims to reveal hidden email addresses

It sounds like a stalker’s or recruitment advisor’s wet dream, but there are good reasons to be wary of the “Sell Hack” tool that offers to reveal any LinkedIn user’s email address.

Bitcoin-stealing Mac malware found on popular download websites

MacUpdate and CNet’s help Bitcoin-hungry malware to spread onto Apple Mac computers.

Are you running anti-virus software on your Mac yet?

Now Google Chrome warns if your browser has been hijacked

Browser hijacking is a big problem.

So I’m pleased to see Google doing more to help Windows users who are suffering from the shady toolbars and add-ons that fiddle with Chrome’s settings.

Is Chrome letting malicious websites spy on your conversations?

The Chrome web browser can be exploited to allow remote websites to secretly spy upon your conversations, and record everything that you say.

But it doesn’t sound like Google is interested in addressing the potential serious privacy issue.

Google Chrome to *finally* protect your passwords a little better

It looks like Google may have realised the error of its ways – and is considering a U-turn regarding how it protects passwords in Chrome.

Google Chrome to help unsafe, insecure XP users surf the net… putting the rest of us at risk

Gee thanks for nothing Google. Your latest decision regarding Chrome could put many of us at risk on the internet.

Why you shouldn’t store your passwords in Google’s Chrome browser

Unlike rivals, when you tell your Chrome browser to remember a password it doesn’t give you the option to protect the information with a strong master password.

Facebook profile viewer scams circulate, install suspicious extensions to mess with Firefox and Chrome

ThreatTrack security researcher Chris Boyd has detailed the latest in a growing number of attacks posing as “Facebook Profile Viewer” applications, but which actually aim to make sinister changes to victims’ web browsers.

Find a new way of exploiting Chrome, IE, Java, etc.. and you could win millions of dollars

Security researchers are gathering in Vancouver at the CanSecWest conference, in the hope of winning substantial cash prizes for finding exploitable vulnerabilities in the likes of Chrome, Internet Explorer and Java.

Is Opera *really* the safest browser?

Opera, a relative minnow in the web browser market, is reckoned to be a more secure browser than the likes of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer – according to our online poll.

But maybe someone has influenced the vote?

Which web browser do you recommend? [POLL]

As browser makers beef up security in their products – which product do you recommend to friends who want to surf the web more safely?

Google: “State-sponsored attackers may be attempting to compromise your account”

Google has said that it will start to proactively warn internet users when it suspects that “state-sponsored attackers” have attempted to break into accounts.

Chrome falls in first five minutes at Pwn2Own vulnerability contest

Chrome’s boastful track record of fending off vulnerabilities in bug-hunting contests seems to have come to an end.

Google Chrome hack earns security researcher $60,000

A Russian security researcher has earned himself a tidy $60,000 by demonstrating how he could waltz past the security sandbox in Google’s Chrome browser to run unauthorised code on fully-patched Windows 7 computers.