Now Amazon wants the keys to your car

Yes, Amazon is now offering free in-car delivery to customers in some cities.

If you’re comfortable with a stranger remotely unlocking your car, of course.

Biohacking your body can be really painful… and not hugely useful

Turns out that the outcome of hacking your body by implanting technology is not necessarily all positive.

HP’s second laptop keylogger in less than a year

Researcher Michael Myng was trying to work out how to control the backlight on an HP laptop keyboard. What he found was something rather troubling.

Friendly neighborhood hacker helps family regain access to locked car

A benevolent hacker has helped a family regain access to their car after they misplaced its corresponding one-of-a-kind key.

David Bisson reports.

Hundreds of ‘smart’ locks bricked by flubbed remote update

A fouled-up over-the-air firmware update rendered hundreds of a smart lock vendor’s products unopenable.


David Bisson reports.

The perils of working from home with young children

I work from home. I frequently do media interviews via Skype. I have a young child.

It’s a dangerous cocktail.

Spring 2017 sponsorships available

As holiday season approaches, things are going to get a bit quieter. Thanks to everyone who supported the site during 2016!

Comment reply notification on the website

Now you can be automatically notified if someone responds to your comment.