The Kelly Brook nude photos hack (part 94)


Kelly BrookKelly Brook, the bosomy brunette beloved by the British tabloids, has apparently suffered (again) at the hands of hackers who have reportedly stolen her private nude photographs.

In echoes of last year’s “The Fappening”, the star of film classics such as “Piranha 3D” has reportedly been left exposed after hackers posted dozens of fully naked images of the glamour model on a website.

Kelly Brook is said to be clearly identifiable in the provocative poses, which include some with her cuddling up to her former boyfriend David McIntosh.

One unfortunate side effect of the alleged photo leak is that the British tabloids will feel compelled to devote even more column inches than normal to pictures of the former “Big Breakfast” host.

Of course, no one deserves to have their private photos shared across the internet - even if they make a career out of glamorous photo shoots, cheeky calendars and simulating topless sex scenes in bad movies with Billy Zane.

Let’s hope that she has informed the police of the hack and private photo leak. It’s important that hackers are apprehended - after all, it might not just be private nude photos that have been accessed.

One would hope that Kelly Brook, or her management team, would be taking a close look at her computer security right now and ensuring that her accounts are properly secured with additional security measures such as two-factor authentication.

She might also be wise to ask any past, present and future boyfriends to do the same.

So far Kelly Brook has made no mention of the alleged hack on her Twitter account or very active Instagram.


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  1. DoktorThomas™

    April 26, 2015 at 12:50 am #

    Without proof (the pictures), it’s all hearsay, fabrication and innuendo. Which is your flavor? Or are you a blend?

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