Catch this shaven-headed, boat-loving hacker and earn $3 million

The FBI is reportedly offering a tidy $3 million reward for anyone who helps them catch Russian hacker Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev, the alleged mastermind behind GameOver Zeus.

GameOver Zeus malware returns from the dead

Did you think we had heard the last of the GameOver Zeus malware threat?

Sadly, you were wrong. The banking malware continues to pose a threat.

Police tell UK public they have only hours to combat GameOver Zeus malware

Have you checked your computer for the GameOver Zeus malware?

British police say you only have until midnight on Tuesday. So you might want to get a move on…

Evgeniy Bogachev: The shaven-headed hacker who likes to go boating around the Black Sea

Have you seen this man?

If so, the FBI would like to talk to him about cybercrime.

GameOver Zeus: Cybercrime’s Mr Big named by the FBI

The US claims that Russian citizen Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev is the leader of the gang that spread the GameOver Zeus (“GOZ”) malware and Cryptolocker ransomware, and ran botnets that hijacked up to one million computers around the world.

Windows users warned over spammed-out gadget malware attack

Beware .gadget files, widely spammed out by malware attackers, posing as an “important company update”.

By Zeus! Crazy email asks for help building a Trojan horse

Boy oh boy, I receive some peculiar emails from time to time.

Is this a practical joke, or is someone seriously asking for help building Zeus – one of the world’s most notorious Trojan horses?

Shock! Horror! Surprise! Yes, some Royal Baby malware has been discovered

Online criminals have attempted to take advantage of the royal birth, security researchers have discovered.

Microsoft and US Marshals bring down Zeus botnet servers [VIDEO]

Microsoft, working with others in the financial services and computer security industry, has disrupted a number of botnets being used by the Zeus malware family, allegedly responsible for nearly half a billion dollars in damages.

What is Zeus? Notorious malware under the microscope

Zeus, also known as ZBot, has grown into one of the most popular (or should that be unpopular?) and widespread crimeware kits on the internet.

Download our technical paper which takes a closer look at the infamous malware.

Two suspected ZBot mules arrested in Wisconsin

More alleged members of the ZBot banking cybercrime gang have been arrested by the FBI – this time in Wisconsin.

Is this the world’s sexiest hacker?

The American media appear to be getting all steamed-up regarding Kristina Svechinskaya, one of 37 people charged this week in New York for their alleged part in a ZBot banking/hacking plot.

The media described 22-year-old Miss Svechinskaya as an “eastern eyeful” and breathlessly detailed her “calf-high boots and skin-tight jeans”, as she appeared at a federal court.

ZBot gang suspects arrested in the Ukraine

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USA charges 60 people as part of international ZBot investigation

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Beware malicious LinkedIn invitation reminders

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Computer cops arrest 19 in dawn ZBot raid

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