Watch out for bogus YouTube Music Key emails!

Spammed out email messages claimg that your six-month free trial of YouTube Music Key has expired, and you will soon have your credit card charged.

Twitter and YouTube blocked in Turkey over hostage photos

Access to popular social media sites such as Twitter and YouTube has been shut down in Turkey, following a court ruling today. Sounds to me like a lot of Turkish people might want to get themselves a VPN…

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US military’s CENTCOM Twitter account hacked – were they not using 2FA?

Twitter and YouTube accounts run by the US military’s Central Command are hijacked by hackers claiming to back Islamic State.

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Malicious ads run next to popular YouTube videos, laced with the Sweet Orange exploit kit

Security researchers have discovered a criminal campaign exploiting the YouTube platform, where some of the site’s most popular videos have had malicious adverts displayed alongside them.

YouTube ads spread banking malware

Security researchers at Bromium have discovered that hackers were spreading malware onto computers while unsuspecting users were watching YouTube videos.

The drive-by-download attack was distributed via adverts shown on the YouTube website, and used an exploit kit to infect Windows PCs with a version of the Caphaw banking Trojan.

Google fights back against the fake YouTube view industry

Next time you check out the popular videos on YouTube, should you be wondering if they are *really* popular… or if someone has paid money to artificially boost their apparent number of views?

YouTube comment spam on the rise. Google tries to fight back

YouTube has never been home to high quality debate and quality conversations in its comments section.

But Google’s latest changes to the system seem to have brought a new wave of spam and malicious links.

Is that YouTube Video Downloader browser plugin safe? Beware!

Cybercriminals have created YouTube video downloading plugins for your browser which can lead to your computer being infected with malware, or help them earn money by messing with your browser’s search results or displaying unauthorised adverts.

Fake Facebook fans and click farms explored in Dispatches documentary

A TV documentary investigates the mysterious underground business which helps well-known brands and celebrities gain a surprising number of fake fans on Facebook.

Warning: Here are three emails you don’t want to see in your inbox

Spammers are disguising their emails to pretend to come from YouTube, Google and LinkedIn.

Illegal content on YouTube? Beware spammed-out malware attack

Internet users are being warned about a malware attack that has been spammed out widely, posing as a communication from YouTube about copyrighted video content.

The emails, which have the subject line “Your video may have illegal content”, pretend to come from Google’s YouTube team.

“Can you hack my Twitter? Pleaseee!”

If you get locked out of your Twitter account, would you ask someone to hack it for you?

Microsoft’s YouTube channel has been hacked

Hackers have taken control of Microsoft’s official YouTube channel, removing the company’s videos and replaced them with their own.

Sesame Street’s YouTube channel hacked, replaced with porn

Sesame Street had its YouTube channel hacked on Sunday, and its highly popular child-friendly videos of muppets like Kermit the frog and the Big Bird replaced with something far less savoury…

How to deal with an internet troll

The internet is full of offensive trolls – learn the best way of dealing with them, and why it’s important not to pour fuel on the flames.

Why are you tagged in this video? It’s a viral Facebook scam

Facebook users have been hit by another fast-spreading scam today, pretending to be a link to a YouTube video that they have been tagged in.