Yahoo blocking email access to those who block adverts

Yahoo is preventing some of its web email users from accessing their messages if they have an ad blocker installed.

An interesting move from the company that not so long ago was spreading malicious adverts to hundreds of thousands of users every hour.

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Yahoo pays out equivalent of 80,000+ t-shirts to bug finders

Yahoo used to really know how to treat the vulnerability researchers who found bugs in its services.

They used to send them a voucher for a free Yahoo t-shirt. Sadly, those glory days are now over.

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How to hack into an email account, just by knowing your victim’s mobile number

Symantec has issued a warning about a successful scam being perpetrated against users of webmail services such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo.

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Can you spot the difference between Google, Yahoo, and Bing?

Think you can spot the difference between the world’s top search engines?

Hint: it’s security-related.

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Yahoo’s simple – but not necessarily secure – new way to log in

There’s a problem with only requiring you to have your mobile phone to log into your Yahoo account, and it’s this…

What if someone else has your phone?

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Yahoo search engine goes down – Microsoft, not North Korea, to blame

For a while today, the seventeen people who use the Yahoo search engine saw a message in big friendly purple letters telling them not to panic.

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Yahoo told to “pull your pants up” after Shellshock hack claims

A security researcher is far from impressed with Yahoo’s response, after vulnerable servers are attacked by hackers.

Read more in my article on the We Live Security blog.

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Yahoo News Twitter account posts untrue claim of Ebola outbreak in Atlanta, 145 people infected

No, it’s not true.

There isn’t an Ebola outbreak in Atlanta.

But if you were following the Twitter account of Yahoo News at 4:41 pm EST on Sunday, you might have thought it was true – for a while at least.

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Yahoo ads network helps hackers spread CryptoWall ransomware

Security researchers at Blue Coat say that they have seen the CryptoWall ransomware being spread via – a major online advertising network run by, yes you guessed it, Yahoo.

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Here’s some really bad Heartbleed bug advice about changing your passwords

A lot of folks are going around at the moment telling the public to change all of their passwords in response to the serious Heartbleed internet security bug.

But it’s not necessarily the wisest advice.

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Did the Heartbleed bug leak your Yahoo password?

Amazingly, the OpenSSL Heartbleed bug appears to have been around for about two years. Which means that – in theory at least – this gaping security hole could have been actively exploited by unauthorised parties for a long period of time.

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Yahoo shows cavalier attitude to info-leaking Flickr vulnerability, but finally plugs privacy hole

You need to live-and-breathe security every day to have a proper chance of protecting your computers and sensitive data.

And some companies, alas, just don’t seem to get it.

Learn more in my article on the Hot For Security blog.

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Yahoo detects huge hack attack against Yahoo Mail users, resets passwords

Yahoo has revealed that it has detected a “coordinated effort” to break into accounts belonging to Yahoo Mail users, using stolen username and password details.

Do you know the golden rules for safer passwords?

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Hotmail user swamped with thousands of unwanted emails, after Gmail goes down

If you think you receive a lot of unwanted email each day, spare a thought for Hotmail user David S. Peck of Fresno, California.

He’s the owner of an email account that received thousands of unwanted messages, as Gmail went down for a few hours last week.

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After a terrible year for security, Yahoo Mail finally gets HTTPS by default

Breathe a small sigh of relief. Yahoo has finally caught up with competing major webmail providers, and turned on HTTPS by default.

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Malware strikes thousands of Yahoo users via poisoned adverts

Thousands of visitors to the Yahoo website were attacked by malware, spread via poisoned adverts in recent days.

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