Your Windows 7 PC is more likely to have malware than your XP one, says Microsoft

Microsoft says that Windows 7 computers were more likely to be infected by malware than PCs running Windows XP.

An infection rate of 2.59% for Windows 7 compared to 2.42% for XP. Find out more…

Pregnant wife’s medical equipment runs Windows XP ChkDsk. How would *you* feel?

Let’s hope that security threat analyst Robert Austin and his 38-weeks pregnant wife are lucky.

Because their hospital’s medical equipment is running Windows XP, and it’s half way through a ChkDsk…

Don’t forget! Microsoft security patches will be issued later today

Later today, Tuesday 14 January, Microsoft will be releasing its first bunch of scheduled security patches for 2014.

And the good news is that it’s – by normal standards – not too huge, making life that little bit less arduous for IT teams and system administrators around the world.

Security risks for those who stay with Windows XP SP2

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