Microsoft issues warning after Xbox Live certificate ‘inadvertently’ leaks

A malicious attacker could in theory use the leaked security certificate to launch a man-in-the-middle attack, intercepting Xbox Live usernames, passwords and even payments made by game players.

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XBox and PSN attacks were “marketing scheme” for Lizard Squad’s DDoS service

The attack which knocked offline the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live over Christmas appears to have been a publicity stunt, designed to gain notoriety and draw attention to the hacking group which has claimed responsibility – Lizard Squad.

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How a five-year-old hacked his dad’s Xbox One, only to be rewarded by Microsoft [VIDEO]

A five-year-old boy has found a serious and easily exploited security vulnerability in Microsoft’s Xbox One games console, that allows unauthorised parties to log into Xbox Live accounts without the correct password.

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Microsoft left red-faced after official blog and Twitter accounts hacked

The Syrian Electronic Army has hijacked two official Microsoft Twitter accounts as well as the company’s official blog on TechNet.

US and British spies invade World of Warcraft in hunt for online criminals and terrorists

It sounds extraordinary, but it seems American and UK intelligence agencies infiltrated popular video games in their hunt for criminal gangs and terrorists.

HDMI cable protects your Xbox 360 from noisy viruses!

Do you find that viruses are too noisy? Do they interfere with the quality of images when you’re playing games on your XBOX 360?

Well, fear not!

Free 4000 Xbox Live Points survey scam spreads on Facebook

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