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How to stop a domestic abuser stalking you via your smartphone

The smartphone in your pocket – which may act as a valuable lifeline to friends and loved ones – might also be helping an abuser spy on you, read your private messages, and stalk your location.

Thousands of smartphone apps guilty of sophisticated ad fraud

iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices are being targeted by fraudsters, earning vast amounts of money through invisible ads that are feasting on your data plan and using up your battery.

Bogus anti-virus apps in the official Windows Phone and Android app stores

Always be careful about what you download – even if it comes from an official app store.

Kaspersky researchers find bogus versions of their products in the Windows Phone and Android stores.

Fake Google apps found in the Windows Phone app store

Bogus Windows Phone versions of Gmail, Google Plus, Google Hangouts and other Google apps are found in Microsoft’s official app store.

But Microsoft says tough luck smartphone users.

It isn’t going to proactively police the Windows Phone store for dodgy apps.

Microsoft wants to hear about your Android malware problems.. so it can promote Windows Phones

Is this a cheap shot by Microsoft?

Or are they right to highlight the malware problem on Android smartphones?

Mobile phone theft on the rise – here’s how to protect your data for free

Research released today has revealed that the theft of mobile phones is on the rise.

This isn’t just about losing an expensive phone – there’s also the threat of losing your data and money.

Learn how to better protect your phone.

Microsoft offers free Windows phones to Android malware victims

Free Windows phones are being offered by Microsoft to users who describe their Android malware problems.