How a GIF could let a hacker view your WhatsApp messages

A flaw in WhatsApp could have allowed hackers to snoop upon your chat history just by tricking you into opening a boobytrapped GIF image.

If you’re going to run WhatsApp, make sure that it’s properly updated.

Urgent! Update WhatsApp NOW to add new sticker support

Yes, you should update WhatsApp.

But not for the reasons they’re telling you.

Scammer posed as actor Jason Statham to steal from fan

A British fan of actor Jason Statham was fooled into thinking she had formed an online relationship with the Hollywood hard man, after joining a Facebook fan page for the “Fast and Furious” star… and ended up losing hundreds of thousands of pounds.


WhatsApp users targeted by homoglyph attack peddling free tickets to theme park

Many WhatsApp users would probably view the message as innocent enough, appearing to offer free tickets to Britain’s Alton Towers theme park. But in truth they are being targeted by fraudsters deploying a homoglyph attack.

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Delete all your emails and acid wash your hard drives, says security expert Sean Hannity

Some people don’t know if you should trust the media anymore, with accusations of fake news flying here, there, and everywhere.

Which makes me wonder who can you trust for computer security advice? How about a TV host?

End-to-end encryption doesn’t stop the FBI reading your messages. Just ask Paul Manafort

End-to-end encryption is really neat, but it only encrypts *between* those who are doing the communicating.


Text bombs and ‘Black Dots of Death’ plague WhatsApp and iMessage users

Please don’t be tempted to try any of these text bomb attack out on anyone else, even as a prank. It’s simply not funny.

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Did hackers lead warplanes to Syrian hospital after targeting British surgeon’s computer?

BBC Newsnight broadcast phone number of surgeons working in war-torn Aleppo… and then the hospital was bombed.


WhatsApp flaw could allow anyone to sneak into your private group chat

Don’t panic, as it’s not an attack that is at all easy to pull off. Still, let’s hope that WhatsApp responds appropriately to the researchers’ findings, and eliminates this security hole entirely.

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Think you deleted that embarrassing WhatsApp message you sent? Think again

if there’s one thing we should all have learnt from our years on the internet it’s this – once you say something somewhere, it’s very hard to take it back and pretend it never happened.

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Fake WhatsApp app tricked over a million users

Google Play has suffered another failure, as over one million users have been duped into downloading a fake version of WhatsApp made available in the official Android app store.

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Can you see why this WhatsApp message can’t be trusted?

Take a look at this WhatsApp message. Can you see why you should be wary of clicking?

‘I don’t need to understand how encryption works,’ admits UK Home Secretary

Amber Rudd is fed up with “sneering” and “patronising” technology experts.

‘Real people’ do not want secure communications, claims UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd

UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd argues that “real people” would be happy with imperfect, breakable security.


Beware bogus ‘WhatsApp subscription ending’ emails and texts

You ultimately decide what links you click on, and whether you hand over your passwords and payment card details. Always think twice, because the wrong decision could prove costly.

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Encryption is a good thing

I use the internet. You use the internet. Just about all of us use the internet.

Including bad guys…