Bogus web domain suspension notice leads to malware

Beware fake notification emails claiming that your website has been suspended.

Malicious hackers are attempting to trick you into infecting your Windows computer with malware.

Verizon gives 120 million customers a cookie they can’t delete

Verizon has been adding a unique identifier to its cell phone customers’ web traffic – and it can be used to track users’ actions in exactly the same way as a cookie can.

But, unlike a cookie, it can’t be deleted.

The POODLE bug internet vulnerability! Watch this video then check your browser

In case you haven’t heard, the boffins at Google have discovered a vulnerability that is pretty serious.

It’s called the POODLE vulnerability, or as I like to think of it “the POODLE bug”. And if left unchecked it could be exploited by hackers.

Serious security hole found in SEO plugin used by millions of WordPress users. Update now

Do you use the popular All in One SEO Pack plugin on your WordPress website?

If so, you need to update the plugin as soon as possible to the latest version.

EA Games website hacked to phish Apple IDs from users – could it happen to your site too?

A website belonging to video games producer Electronic Arts (EA Games) has been hacked into by criminals, who used it to phish Apple ID usernames and passwords from unsuspecting users.

Have you done enough to prevent such an attack happening on your company’s website?

NHS websites awash with security vulnerabilities. Ensure your WordPress site is running up-to-date software

Websites run by Britain’s National Heath Service (NHS) are riddled with security vulnerabilities and could easily be exploited by online criminals, claims a newly-published investigation.

Are you doing everything you should to ensure that your website is up-to-date and not infecting its visitors?

Kickstarter hacked. Users told to change passwords

This weekend, crowdfunding website Kickstarter issued what it called “an important security notice”.

But what most of us would have more easily recognised it as an announcement that the firm had been hacked.

Find out what you need to know, by reading my article on the We Live Security blog.

New York Times website goes down, amid cyber attack rumours. But is that true?

A few hours ago Twitter was ablaze with rumours and claims from unnamed sources that the New York Times could be suffering from a massive internet attack.

But was that what really happened?

36 websites selling credit card details shut down [VIDEO]

Cybercrime is big business these days, in fact it’s an industry. So it’s not a surprise to find that criminals are embracing ecommerce. But some will be surprised to discover just how professional and legitimate criminal websites can appear.

Volkswagen wants you to know that its website hasn’t been hacked

The general public’s awareness of website hacking has reached incredible levels if it’s now being used as a joke by advertisers.

Has TechCrunch been hacked?

One of TechCrunch’s web servers is serving up pages which definitely don’t belong at TechCrunch!

But it may not be the result of malicious hacking..

Typosquatting – study reveals the real risks when you mistype a website’s name [VIDEO]

Security expert Paul Ducklin has taken an indepth look at the scale and the risk of the typosquatting industry: registering misspellings of popular website domain names in an attempt to profit from typing mistakes.

Nigerian government website falls at hands of Brazilian defacement

The official website of the Nigerian government has been defaced by hackers.

Lady Gaga website stays strangely silent over database hack

A gang of hackers known as SwagSec announced at the tail end of last week that they had hacked into Lady Gaga’s UK website and made off with a database of names and email addresses of fans.

To prove their point, they published the stolen data online.

David Beckham’s website defaced by hackers

The website of British football superstar David Beckham has been hacked, with an image of a hapless dog attempting to eat a bowl of food painted on a street sign.

Is this an own goal for the soccer ace?

Ronaldinho website Jar Jar Binks hack should be a warning to others

Football star’s website hacked with images of Jar Jar Binks and Osama bin Laden.

Do you know how to reduce the chances of your own website being hacked?