Webcam chat blackmail leads to teenage boy’s suicide

Posting your Skype ID on Facebook or Twitter can be more dangerous than you could possibly imagine.

Let’s hope that the blackmailers are brought to justice soon and appropriately punished.

Boy meets girl. Girl strips on webcam. Tells boy to do the same. Girl blackmails boy

Webcam extortion the other way around: hot girls extorting men.

Be careful out there, and keep your trousers on chaps.

Hacker blackmailed 350 women into stripping on their webcams, FBI says

The FBI has arrested a 27-year-old man, who they claim hacked the accounts of Facebook users, and coerced hundreds of women into stripping while he watched via Skype.

Learn more about this case, and a history of other hackers who have spied on their victims via webcams.

Counterattack! Suspected hacker caught on HIS WEBCAM, while spying on Georgia

The Georgian government’s CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) claims it has linked an internet attack to Russia’s security services, and even turned the tables on a hacker it believes was involved by secretly taking over his computer and taking video footage of him.

Mac malware spies on infected users through video and audio capture

After further analysis, more information has emerged about the Morcut Mac OS X malware which was discovered this week.

Man who tricked women into taking hacked webcams into shower is jailed

It’s jail for a 21-year-old Californian man who tricked female victims into taking their spyware-infected laptops into the shower with them.

Thousands of secretly-taken still images and videos were found on Trevor Harwell’s computer.

‘Peeping Tom’ webcam blackmailer jailed for six years

A man who hacked into over 100 computers, and used personal information stolen from them to extort sexually explicit videos of young women and teenage girls, has been sentenced to six years in prison.

Apple webcam spyware artist investigated by Secret Service

The US Secret Service has confiscated computer equipment from a Brooklyn artist who installed webcam spyware on computers at two New York Apple stores.

Peeping Tom tricked women into taking hacked webcams into shower, claim police

A 20-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly infecting young women’s Mac computers with spyware that could commandeer their webcam.

Dad catches daughters on webcam: Beware viral Facebook video link

Facebook is being hit by another viral message, spreading between users’ walls disguised as a link to a saucy video.

The messages, which are spreading rapidly, use a variety of different links but all claim to be a movie of a dad catching his daughters making a video on their webcam.

Facial recognition software that blurs your sensitive data when you’re not looking at it

A product called “PrivateEye” uses your computer’s webcam to identity your face. While you’re looking at the screen, PrivateEye’s facial recognition software knows not to do anything – but as soon as you look away, the contents of your screen become an unintelligible blur.

Webcam cyber-sextortionist preyed on over 200 women

The FBI wants to find more victims of a hacker accused of spying on more than 200 women via their webcams, after infecting their computers with malware.

Father catches daughter on her webcam? It’s a Facebook survey scam

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‘Peeping Tom’ arrested for webcam blackmail attack spree

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Anti-peeping webcam protects your privacy

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Spammers promote adult webcam sites via Imeem

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