Webcam hacker spent up to 12 hours a day watching his victims

A hacker who used the notorious Blackshades RAT malware to hijack webcams on computers, and secretly watch people engaged in sexual activity, has avoided prison.

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57 month prison sentence for hacker who created Blackshades RAT

With thousands of victims around the world, whose livelihoods and (sometimes) private lives were damaged by his activities, Alex Yücel is given some time to reflect on his actions.

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Woman charged with running webcam-hacking network

A woman is arrested in connection with a spree of webcam hacks, after innocent users’ computers were hijacked and videos of their terror uploaded to YouTube.

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The dirty secrets of webcam-hacking peeping toms and sextortionists

Virtually every computer sold today comes with a dirty little secret. It can spy on you.

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Lingerie-wearing spammers find a good home in Dropbox

Don’t help spammers buy a whole new wardrobe by visiting their X-rated webcam websites.

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Hacking into someone’s webcam isn’t funny [VIDEO]

Watch this video, and ask yourself if you would find it funny if someone hacked your webcam.

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Webcam spying without turning on the LED? Researchers prove it’s possible

It’s news that will please internet perverts and Peeping Toms.

Turns out you can’t trust the LED indicator light on your webcam to tell you if you’re being spied upon or not…

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Miss Teen USA’s webcam hacker pleads guilty, faces prison

If you’re sexually inadequate, and thinking of getting some cheap kicks out of hacking into other people’s webcams, realise that you might well end up stuck in a prison cell with just cold porridge for company.

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Inside the mind of an online predator

Do you know the warning signs of an online predator?

Take care that you and your friends and family don’t fall victim to an internet stalker.

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Cyber-blackmail. British kids forced to perform slave-like sex acts live on webcam

Children are self-harming or taking their own lives, after falling victim to webcam blackmailers.

It’s one of the most disturbing things you’ll hear about on the internet – and it might be your children who are at risk.

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How stalking has been made easier by the internet, mobiles and social networks

Technology is causing the level of stalking to increase, with sometimes horrific results.

Jennifer Perry describes the different types of stalkers, and how they use modern technology to spy upon their innocent victims.

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Webcam hacker threatens Miss Teen USA

Miss Teen USA, Cassidy Wolf, says that she is the latest victim of sextortion – after a blackmailing hacker allegedly broke into her computer, took over her webcam and threatened to release candid secretly-taken photos of the teenager in her bedroom.

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Webcam chat blackmail leads to teenage boy’s suicide

Posting your Skype ID on Facebook or Twitter can be more dangerous than you could possibly imagine.

Let’s hope that the blackmailers are brought to justice soon and appropriately punished.

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Boy meets girl. Girl strips on webcam. Tells boy to do the same. Girl blackmails boy

Webcam extortion the other way around: hot girls extorting men.

Be careful out there, and keep your trousers on chaps.

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Hacker blackmailed 350 women into stripping on their webcams, FBI says

The FBI has arrested a 27-year-old man, who they claim hacked the accounts of Facebook users, and coerced hundreds of women into stripping while he watched via Skype.

Learn more about this case, and a history of other hackers who have spied on their victims via webcams.

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Counterattack! Suspected hacker caught on HIS WEBCAM, while spying on Georgia

The Georgian government’s CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) claims it has linked an internet attack to Russia’s security services, and even turned the tables on a hacker it believes was involved by secretly taking over his computer and taking video footage of him.

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