PussyCash adult webcam data breach exposes highly sensitive data of models

You may have been expecting to reveal a lot by signing up as an adult webcam model, but I doubt this is quite what you had in mind.

Man jailed for using webcam RAT to spy on women in their bedrooms

A British man has been jailed for two years after police caught him using a notorious Remote Access Trojan (RAT) to hijack the webcams of young women, and spy upon them.

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15,000 private webcams left open to snooping, no password required

Once again concerns are being raised about the sorry state of IoT security, after a security researcher discovered over 15,000 private webcams that have been left wide open for anyone with an internet connection to spy upon.

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Apple pushes out another silent update to address flaws in RingCentral and other video conferencing apps

RingCentral and other video conferencing apps share the same flaws as those revealed in Zoom earlier this month, including the ability to hijack users’ webcams without their permission.

Apple pushes out further silent updates to protect users from sketchy app behaviour.

Apple pushes out silent update to remove sketchy Zoom code from Macs

Zoom, the makers of a video conferencing app used by millions of people around the world, did not handle the discovery of a privacy vulnerability its software at all well.

It’s a good thing, then, that Apple has nixed the software’s dodgy behaviour.

Smashing Security #136: Oops, we created Iran’s hacking exploit

Mac users of the Zoom video conferencing app are warned their webcams could be hijacked, security firms warn of how scammers are deepfaking audio to steal from businesses, and our guest owns up to the role he played in an Iranian cyberattack against US organisations.

All this and much more is discussed in the latest edition of the award-winning “Smashing Security” podcast by computer security veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, joined this week by Charl van der Walt.

Zoom Mac flaw allows webcams to be hijacked – because they wanted to save you a click

If you have installed Zoom, any website can turn on your Mac’s webcam without asking your permission.

Oh, and if you’ve since uninstalled Zoom – that doesn’t fix the problem.

Smashing Security #091: Sextortion, Las Vegas hotels, and Alex Jones

Just how did sextortionists get (some) of the digits in your phone number? Why are some hackers saying they won’t be going to DEF CON in Las Vegas anymore? And should Alex Jones from InfoWars be banned from Twitter?

All this and much more is discussed in the latest edition of the award-winning “Smashing Security” podcast by computer security veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, joined this week by special guest Maria Varmazis.

‘Hola señorita’ says smart camera as it follows owner’s every move

It gets a little more NSFW from there…

David Bisson reports.

Woman says hacker spied on her through the baby monitor

A woman claims that she and her family were spied upon after an unknown party hacked their way into a “smart” baby monitor.

David Bisson reports.

Europol campaign fights the online sexual extortion of children

A Europe-wide campaign warns young people about online sexual coercion and extortion.

Is your IP security camera making you less secure?

As I see it, you buy a security camera to secure yourself.

You don’t, imagine, install an IP surveillance camera to introduce new security risks.

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Siemens-branded CCTV cameras vulnerable to hacking, require urgent firmware patch

Your business’s CCTV camera could be coughing up your admin passwords. Patch now, or regret later.

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Attack allows Mac malware to piggyback on your webcam, while it’s in use

A new attack allows OS X malware to record video and audio whenever a victim legitimately turns on their webcam, without drawing attention to itself.

David Bisson reports.

Cover your webcam – protect your privacy from hackers

Don’t let hackers spy upon you by hijacking your webcam. Cover your webcam when you’re not using it.

In this video, Graham Cluley describes the threat.

Meet the men who spy on women through their webcams

Wired has published a terrifying portrait of the sick world of webcam hackers.