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Washington Post backtracks on frenzied reporting of Russian hack attack against power grid

In the current climate of claims that Russian-backed hackers may have meddled with the US election by leaking hacked documents and emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign team, an attack on the electric grid is likely to get a lot of interest.

Shame then that it wasn’t true.

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How the Washington Post was hijacked by the Syrian Electronic Army (again)

The Syrian Electronic Army are up to their old tricks, hacking into the Washington Post’s CDN to display pop-up messages.

Read more in my article on the Hot for Security blog.

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Washington Post discovers it has been hacked. China blamed

The Washington Post reveals it has been hacked… again.

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How Outbrain got hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army

Popular websites like CNN, The Washington Post and Time magazine were impacted by the hack, and the New York Times escaped by the skin of its teeth.

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Washington Post hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army, amid claims that TIME and CNN were also hit

The Washington Post is the latest in a long line of media organisations to have suffered at the hands of the notorious hacking group, the Syrian Electronic Army.

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