Post-hack, VTech has to pay $650,000 in FTC settlement – but doesn’t have to admit any wrongdoing

The FTC settlement, one of the first reached with an internet-enabled toy manufacturer over security and privacy concerns, lets the firm off the hook in one key area: it doesn’t require VTech to admit to any wrongdoing.

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LeapFrog child’s toy found susceptible to attacks leveraging Adobe Flash

A popular children’s toy made by LeapFrog is susceptible to a variety of attacks that leverage Adobe Flash vulnerabilities.

David Bisson reports.

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VIDEO: Post-hack, is VTech taking security seriously?

“Sod the kids’ privacy and security, the lawyers have covered our arse.”

VTech has made its choice. Savvy parents will makes theirs as well.

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VTech toymaker hacked – millions of families have their personal info exposed

VTech, a leading maker of electronic learning toys, has suffered a serious security breach, with hackers accessing a database containing information about customers and their children.

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