Vodafone warns some customer accounts were breached, potential for fraud and phishing attacks

UK telecoms operator Vodafone has revealed that the personal details of some 1,827 customers have had their personal information accessed by hackers, who broke into accounts between midnight on Wednesday 28 October and noon the following day.

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Twitter’s spat with Vodafone leaves 2FA users locked out

What happens when – without warning – your mobile phone company stops sending you the SMS authentication messages, leaving you locked out of your social media accounts?

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Vodafone hacker steals data of two million customers

Vodafone in Germany has found itself in the awkward position of admitting to two million customers that a hacker has stolen their personal information.

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Vodafone MMS email spam spreads malware

Do you own a mobile phone?

Is your mobile phone on the Vodafone cellphone network?

If so, you could be a prime target for infection by a new malware attack that has been distributed widely via email across the internet.

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DNS hack hits popular websites: Daily Telegraph, The Register, UPS, etc

Popular websites including The Register, The Daily Telegraph, UPS, and others have fallen victim to a DNS hack that has resulted in visitors being redirected to third-party webpages.

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Email from Vodafone or Verizon about an over limit credit balance? Beware!

Read more in my article at Naked Security.

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