Deadly biological viruses beat malware in beauty contest

British artist Luke Jerram, with the help of talented glassblowers and university virologists, has created transparent and colourless jewel-like glass sculptures of biological viruses.

They may be deadly, but they sure are beautiful…

The dying art of computer viruses

The art has gone from malware. The commercial cybercriminals rule the roost, and the hobbyists who incorporated dramatic visual payloads have largely disappeared.

And, to be honest, I hanker for the old days.

ALL-CAPS virus scare spreads on Facebook, warning of girl with disfigured face

An alarmist warning has spread across Facebook once again, proving once again that many users are far too willing to pass on warnings without checking their facts with a reputable source.

July 4th fireworks fiasco in San Diego? Computer virus gets the blame

A botched Independence Day fireworks show is blamed on a computer problem.

But was it a computer virus?

Viruses and hacking, as seen on TV and in the movies

Working in the computer security industry, we’re pretty used to seeing malware and hacking misrepresented on our TV and movie screens.

Here are some of our favourite examples.

Japan makes virus creation illegal

People who write or deliberately spread malware can expect to be fined or receive up to three years in prison, under laws enacted by the Japanese parliament today.

Commodore 64 viruses – time for a comeback?

The classic Commodore 64 is making a comeback!

But what about viruses on these much-loved home computers from the 1980s?

Memories of the Anna Kournikova worm

It’s ten years since the Anna Kournikova worm spread around the world.

Graham Cluley reminisces about the worm, and tells the story behind one of the world’s biggest virus outbreaks.

A funny virus outbreak in the Microbiology lab

You see?

Viruses can be fun in the workplace. Especially if you work in a Microbiology lab.

Japanese virus writer arrested.. again

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“Payment request from” emails carry dangerous payload

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Your mailbox has NOT been deactivated

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75% believe worm author “did iPhone users a favour”, poll reveals

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Worm author tells media he initially infected 100 iPhones

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First iPhone worm discovered – ikee changes wallpaper to Rick Astley photo

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Erin Andrews peephole video spreads malware

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