Virus Bulletin

Anti-virus industry’s bête noire Tavis Ormandy to enter the lion’s den

The Virus Bulletin conference is being held in Denver, Colorado, next month. And they have a controversial guest…

The world’s leading anti-virus experts head to Prague for Virus Bulletin 2015

The world’s leading malware researchers are heading to the Czech Republic for the most important event of the year – the Virus Bulletin conference.

Another anti-virus vendor caught cheating in independent tests

Would you believe an anti-virus vendor doesn’t care if it doesn’t find some malware, just so long as it can look better in independent speed tests?

Revealed: The anti-virus vendor cheating in independent tests

As one anti-virus vendor is named for cheating in independent detection tests, another is said to be in the spotlight for deliberately manipulating performance tests – and potentially introducing a security risk.

Virus Bulletin celebrates 25 years by giving away its content for free

Congratulations to Virus Bulletin, the journal of the anti-virus industry, which is celebrating its 25th birthday today… and entering a new era.

Virus Bulletin – aside from the talks there was plenty of free beer and table football

Virus Bulletin, the anti-malware industry’s annual conference, wasn’t just about the excellent technical talks and opportunities to network with the smart folks behind most of the world’s anti-virus products.

There were also opportunities to have some fun in Berlin…

Are apps in the Android and Apple markets really secure?

Security researchers looked at over 800,000 apps available for download from the Android and iOS App Stores – and were depressed to find that many were being reckless with users’ privacy and security.

Virus Bulletin – the world’s leading anti-virus experts meet next week

Everyone who is anyone in the anti-malware industry will be meeting in Berlin next week for the 23rd Virus Bulletin International Conference.

“Google and Microsoft can’t outbid the US govt – they will never win a bidding war with the NSA”

Christopher Soghoian gave the keynote presentation at the VB2012 conference in Dallas, exploring the growing industry in selling details of exploitable vulnerabilities to the highest bidder.

Free speech or weapons in need of regulation?

The m00p malware investigation – was justice done?

The Virus Bulletin conference is told about the investigation into a modern malware-writing gang.

But with only two of the cybercriminals sentenced, was justice really done?

Sophos wins VB100 in Windows XP SP3 comparative anti-virus test

Sophos performs well in a comparative test by Virus Bulletin of 69 different anti-virus products.

Sophos wins VB anti-spam comparative test

Virus Bulletin charts how well 20 different anti-spam products perform – plotting catch rate against false positives.

Sophos awarded VB100 for Windows Server 2003 protection

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How to make money with mobile malware

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Stuxnet, Vancouver, and Virus Bulletin

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Sophos Endpoint 9.5 wins VB100 award for Windows Vista protection

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