iOS 7 beta bug allows anyone to access the photos on your iPhone [VIDEO]

A new video demonstrates how it’s possible to bypass the passcode on iOS 7’s lock screen to access hundreds of private photos within seconds.

But maybe you shouldn’t panic just yet…

Three wireless security myths – busted! [VIDEO]

Learn the truth about WiFi security’s biggest myths. Everyone who runs a WiFi hotspot at home or in the office should watch this.

Can multiple moving cursors really hide your password from spyware and peepers? [VIDEO]

Japanese boffins think they might have found an imaginative way to stop malware stealing your passwords as you enter them online.

But will it really work?

Anonymous names man they say drove Amanda Todd to suicide

In September this year, a Canadian teenager called Amanda Todd posted a video on YouTube describing how she had been the victim of bullying.

And then she killed herself.

Now, Anonymous has named the man that they blame for her misery.

Watch this – the funniest spam video you’ll ever see [VIDEO]

The folks at “Glove and Boots” manage to make what could be a tremendously dry topic, funny and informative instead.

Sesame Street’s YouTube channel hacked, replaced with porn

Sesame Street had its YouTube channel hacked on Sunday, and its highly popular child-friendly videos of muppets like Kermit the frog and the Big Bird replaced with something far less savoury…

Automated Skype calls spread fake anti-virus warning [VIDEO]

Beware automated Skype calls telling you that your PC’s security is not active.

Not only are the messages unsolicited spam, but you could also be the next victim of a fake anti-virus attack.

Lady Gaga found dead in hotel room? Beware Facebook clickjacking scam

Has Lady Gaga really been found dead in a hotel room?

A clickjacking scam which has spread rapidly across Facebook would certainly like you to think so.

Facebook killer video scam spreads between social networkers

Is there a Facebook serial killer in your city?

Video scam spreads rapidly across social network, using GEO-IP lookup to appear more enticing.

This Girl must be out of her mind on live television – Facebook scam

Another “Jaa” scam spreads quickly between Facebook users, claiming to be a video of an Italian TV presenter.

Apple webcam spyware artist investigated by Secret Service

The US Secret Service has confiscated computer equipment from a Brooklyn artist who installed webcam spyware on computers at two New York Apple stores.

‘Yeahh!! It happens on Live Television!’ Wardrobe malfunction video used in Facebook scam

An Italian model and TV hostess suffers an embarrassing costume slip on live television. It’s no surprise, therefore, to find scammers taking advantage of the video for their own financial ends.

Ryan Dunn’s last words lead to a Facebook scam

Ryan Dunn, a star of the TV show Jackass, died last week after a high speed car crash. And within hours, ghoulish scammers were taking advantage of the daredevil’s demise by claiming to have exclusive videos of the accident in links that spread via Facebook.

The Amazing Orgasm Facebook scam (NSFW) – don’t think with your trousers

If only everyone had a cold shower before logging into Facebook..

Dad catches daughters on webcam: Beware viral Facebook video link

Facebook is being hit by another viral message, spreading between users’ walls disguised as a link to a saucy video.

The messages, which are spreading rapidly, use a variety of different links but all claim to be a movie of a dad catching his daughters making a video on their webcam.

Japanese Tsunami RAW Tidal Wave Footage – Bogus CNN video scams Facebook users

Facebook users are being tricked into clicking on links which claim to be raw CNN footage of the Japanese tsunami by cold-hearted scammers – as part of a plot to earn money by driving web traffic to take online surveys.