Over 800,000 user account details stolen from vulnerable forums running vBulletin

If you’re a member of an online forum, there’s a good chance that the site is running a piece of software called vBulletin.

And, depending on how well it has been patched, that may not be good news.

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Epic Games forums hacked again – over 800,000 gamers put at risk

More than 800,000 usernames, email addresses, and birth dates are thought to have been stolen by hackers from online forums run by Epic Games.

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Clash of Kings forum hacked, 1.6 million account details put at risk

Vulnerable version of vBulletin thought to be responsible for data breach which could impact almost 1.6 million game players.

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Epic Games forum hacked – change your online passwords, and beware of phishing

Stop using the same passwords in multiple places online, and beware of phishing attacks.

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VBulletin denies hackers’ claims of zero-day exploit in forum software

Zero-day or not zero-day?

Hackers and victim disagree.

But one thing is clear. If the organisation that *makes* the software can’t keep its own installations secure, what hope do other sites have?

VBulletin hacked. DEF CON closes its forums after security scare

VBulletin, the software used to run many internet forums and message boards, has had its network attacked by hackers, who managed to steal the user IDs of customers and encrypted passwords.

MacRumors hacked – 860,000 email addresses and hashed passwords stolen

The forums of popular Apple news website MacRumors were hacked, exposing the usernames, email addresses and hashed passwords of over 860,000 members.

Video gaming mags’ online forum still closed, almost three weeks after hack attack

Forums for popular magazines such as PC Gamer, SFX, Total Film, Digital Camera World, Cycling News, MusicRadar, Rhythm, Classics Monthly, Mini Magazine, and Fast Bikes are closed after vulnerability exploited.