Unpatchable BadUSB code is now publicly available

Even if a USB stick has been completely wiped, and contains no files, it could still pose a threat to your organisation.

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Danger USB! Could a flash drive’s firmware be hiding undetectable malware?

It’s as though you have logged into your computer, and allowed a complete stranger to push you out of your chair and start typing commands on your PC.

Find out more in my article on the Tripwire State of Security blog.

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Why USB sticks are a serious threat, as explained in French, with Lego. Oh, and a crocodile.

The moral of this French computer security video is apparently that you should be wary of USB sticks (and crocodiles) in your Lego-built office.

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Lloyds TSB bank clerks accused of installing hardware device to help them steal £2 million

Three Lloyds TSB employees have been accused of conspiring to steal over £2 million from bank accounts, after allegedly installing a hardware device to steal passwords from the banking group.

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Philips Smart TVs riddled with security and privacy flaws, researcher reveals

A researcher has discovered that so-called Smart TVs from Philips suffer from a number of serious security flaws that could allow hackers to steal information from attached USB sticks, play pornographic movies as a prank, and hackers access viewers’ online accounts.

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Anti-virus firm finds alleged Kremlin cyberweapon, undetected for at least three years

Uroburos is a very complex and sophisticated piece of malware, designed to steal confidential data.

And, according to one security firm, it has all the hallmarks of being backed by Moscow.

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LG fumbles response to Smart TV spying revelation, withdraws Smart Ad video

Here’s the video that LG doesn’t want you to see.

See for yourself what the firm may have been planning to do with its Smart Ad technology, which can snoop on your TV watching behaviour.

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LG says it will push out firmware update for spy TVs, but fails to apologise

What’s gone so wrong with big companies that they can’t simply say *sorry* when they screw up?

LG says you’ll now be able to turn off its TVs’ spy capability.

3 min read

How your LG Smart TV can spy on you

Do you have an LG Smart TV? Were you aware it was collecting information about your TV viewing habits?

And, worst of all, that you can’t stop it doing so.

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Danger USB! Malware infects UN Nuclear Agency computers

An internal investigation has discovered that some of the computers at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) headquarters in Vienna have been infected for months with data-stealing malware.

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Apple iPhones and iPads vulnerable to hacking via malicious chargers

If you have an iPhone or iPad, take care about where you charge it. Because you could be allowing hackers to install malware onto your treasured Apple device.

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Child abuse photo collector forgets to encrypt his USB stick – Bad security is a good thing

Sometimes some good can come from poor computer security.

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Stolen USB stick contained police investigation details

Greater Manchester Police hunt for a stolen USB stick, containing details of an ongoing criminal investigation.

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USB Autorun malware on the wane

The prevalence of Autorun malware appears to have dropped significantly, following Microsoft pushing out an update to change the behaviour of the Windows technology.

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Hardware keyloggers discovered at public libraries

USB hardware keyloggers have been found attached to the back of two PCs in Manchester, England.

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Microsoft says ‘Good riddance’ to USB Autorun

Microsoft has rolled-out an “important, non-security update” through Windows Update, changing the behaviour of Autorun when you plug a USB stick into your computer.

The reason? To make it harder for malware to spread.

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