McAfee joins the anti-Kaspersky witch hunt in shitty attempt to sell a few boxes

A witch hunt against a long-established major player in the infosecurity space should be something that brings the industry together. It’s ghastly to see how McAfee is behaving.

Hillary Clinton accuses China of hacking America

The truth is that there are hackers all over the world, and many governments and intelligence services will be getting their hands dirty.

The US Navy wants to buy your zero-day vulnerabilities

One likes to assume that the US Navy is planning to use the exploits to test and harden its own systems, rather than potentially exploit the computer systems of others.

But in this day and age, who knows…

Stuxnet – United States tried to use it against North Korea too, report claims

North Korea’s nuclear programme was allegedly targeted by an American-sponsored malware attack.

But, unlike Stuxnet in Iran, it failed.

Russian government hacked the White House, claims report

CNN is claiming that hackers, backed by the Russian government, have hacked into parts of the White House computer system.

FBI warns firms of sophisticated Iranian hacker threat

The FBI has privately warned US energy and defence firms to be on the lookout for a sophisticated attack against their computer systems by sophisticated Iranian hackers.

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White House hit by “sustained” cyber attack, hackers breach unclassified network

IT security staff have spent the last few weeks fighting hackers in the White House, after a computer network was breached.

But can we tell who was behind the attack?

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Who does China blame for a third of all cyber attacks against it? The USA

A few years ago, in what we call the BS era (“Before Snowden”), there were frequent accusations levelled against China for attempting to hack into foreign countries’ computer systems and steal information.

Now the boot is on the other foot.

Barack Obama’s SSL certificate, NASA and NIST among those to fall as government shutdown hits sites

Barack Obama’s website may still be up and running, but no-one has paid for his SSL certificate to be renewed.

If you launch a DDoS attack against Amazon, it’s unwise to brag about it..

Authorities in the United States have charged two men in connection with a DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack that crippled websites such as in June 2008.

Stuxnet: How USA and Israel created anti-Iran virus, and then lost control of it

The Stuxnet virus was created by the USA to target an Iranian nuclear facility, but accidentally escaped into the wider world, claims the New York Times.

US attacks Iran and Saudi Arabia? Malware spreads via Facebook status updates

A fake CNN webpage is being linked to from Facebook users’ status updates, claiming that World War III has begun.

But the real story is the malware waiting to infect your computer.

Was UK’s 2018 FIFA World Cup bid hacked by Russia? FBI investigates

The FBI is investigating claims that the USA and English bids to host the 2018 soccer World Cup competition had their email accounts targeted by hackers.

The successful Russian bid has denied that it participated in any dirty tricks.

Ron Paul’s website attacked during fundraising drive

A fundraising drive by US presidential hopeful Ron Paul was disrupted this weekend by an internet attack against his website.

Did the US write Stuxnet? Deputy Defense Secretary won’t deny it

US Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn is put on the spot.

Did the US write the Stuxnet worm or not?

USA, your poorly protected PCs are polluting the world with spam

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