Your $350 Nike self-lacing sneakers aren’t as smart as you hoped

Owners of Nike’s “smart” sneakers are up in arms that their $350 footwear had been bricked by a faulty Android app update.

Sometimes simple is better than “smart”.

WordPress update stopped WordPress automatic updates from working. So update now

Automatic updates are a great thing. Just so long as they actually automatically update.

Hundreds of ‘smart’ locks bricked by flubbed remote update

A fouled-up over-the-air firmware update rendered hundreds of a smart lock vendor’s products unopenable.


David Bisson reports.

Up to 50 million Android devices could be vulnerable to Heartbleed attack. Here’s how to check yours

Millions of Android smartphones and tablets are at risk of being attacked via the Heartbleed bug, more than a week after the security vulnerability was first made public.

Windows 8.1 Update required for all future updates can actually STOP all future updates!

You know that Windows 8.1 update that you *must* install to get future updates? The one that if you choose not to install, you won’t get any future updates?

Well, it turns out that if you install that update you might actually *not* get any future updates. Oh dear.

LG says it will push out firmware update for spy TVs, but fails to apologise

What’s gone so wrong with big companies that they can’t simply say *sorry* when they screw up?

LG says you’ll now be able to turn off its TVs’ spy capability.

Microsoft to patch actively-exploited zero-day flaw on Tuesday

Microsoft has a fix already prepped, for an attack that has seen malware load directly into computers’ memory, bypassing the hard drive.

Adobe updates are no laughing matter, but at least XKCD makes them funny

Check out this funny security-related cartoon from those amusing folks at XKCD.

(If you’re not busy installing Adobe updates)

Adobe Patch Tuesday to bring automatic updates

Read more in my article at Naked Security.