Watching a $1.14 million ransomware negotiation between hackers and scientists searching for COVID-19 treatments

An anonymous tip-off to BBC News enabled them to watch in real-time as an American medical university attempted to negotiate with the hackers who had infected its systems with ransomware.

Dutch university paid $220,000 ransom to hackers after Christmas attack

Maastricht University has admitted paying a 30 bitcoin ransom to hackers who compromised its network in the immediate run-up to Christmas 2019, and infected it with the Clop ransomware.

Exams cancelled? University closing due to Brexit? A mischievous email from Southampton’s Vice-Chancellor

Clues sprinkled through the poorly-written email, however, reveal that its author has not done his homework.

UK university domains spoofed in massive fraud campaign targeting suppliers

Be on your guard if your company has received an order which appears to come from a UK university email address.

That’s the advice of Action Fraud, the UK’s national reporting service for fraud and financially-motivated cybercrime, after it saw a marked rise in the number of domains being registered that look very similar to genuine universities.

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Jail for man who hacked 1000 student email accounts in search for sexually explicit images

A poorly-secured password reset utility allowed a man to access more than 1,000 email accounts at a New York City-area university in a hunt for sexually explicit photographs and videos.

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