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Chinese tech firm Huawei says it was hacked by the United States

The Chinese technology giant says the United States has launched hacking attacks against its intranet and internal network.

But attributing a cyber attack to a particular party is notoriously difficult. It would certainly be just as fascinating to see Huawei’s reasons why it believes the USA hacked it, as to see what evidence the United States has against Huawei.


US Cyber Command warns nation-state hackers are exploiting old Microsoft Outlook bug. Make sure you’re patched!

US Cyber Command has issued an alert about an unnamed foreign country’s attempt to spread malware through the exploitation of a vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook, as concerns are raised of a rise in an Iranian-backed hacking group’s activities.

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On eve of US elections, Facebook blocked 115 accounts engaged in ‘coordinated inauthentic behavior’

Just hours before the US mid-term elections opened, Facebook responded to a tip from law enforcement agencies and shut down 115 accounts that were behaving suspiciously, and potentially linked to a foreign entity.


US Government warns of more North Korean malware attacks

Just days after the two countries signed a joint agreement at their unprecedented talks, the US Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning about more malware being used by the North Korean government against US organisations.

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US, UK, and Australian governments accuse Russia of targeting networking infrastructure

An alert warns that since 2015 large numbers of enterprise-class and consumer routers, switches, firewalls, and Network-based Intrusion Detection Systems have been compromised to further the national security and economic goals of Russia.

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How Dutch intelligence spied on the Russian hackers attacking the DNC

Media reports from The Netherlands claim that hackers embedded within the Dutch intelligence agency AIVD watched Russian hackers attack the United States… for years.

Fighting cyber attacks with nuclear weapons

The Pentagon’s Nuclear Posture Review, which is being considered by the White House, proposes the option of deploying nuclear weapons in the event of an enemy launching a crippling cyber attack against key infrastructure.

Washington Post backtracks on frenzied reporting of Russian hack attack against power grid

In the current climate of claims that Russian-backed hackers may have meddled with the US election by leaking hacked documents and emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign team, an attack on the electric grid is likely to get a lot of interest.

Shame then that it wasn’t true.

Who helped Russia “hack” the US election? It might have been you…

As the United States kicks out 35 Russian intelligence officers after alleged election-related hacks, there are clear lessons that businesses and internet users can learn to make life harder for the attackers next time.


Russia blamed for hacking Pentagon Joint Chiefs of Staff email system

Could this latest attack be another salvo in Operation Pawn Storm?

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IRS hacker attack puts US tax payers at risk

The IRS has admitted that for more than two months malicious hackers targeted its systems, and managed to gain access to information about more than 100,000 tax payers.

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Russian government hacked the White House, claims report

CNN is claiming that hackers, backed by the Russian government, have hacked into parts of the White House computer system.

US levies sanctions against North Korea because of umm.. the Sony hack

Of all the reasons to have sanctions against North Korea, the one they gave special attention to was the Sony hack.

And, as we all now know, there is a lot of skepticism as to whether North Korea was really responsible for that…


North Korea falls off the internet – is the United States to blame?

Barack Obama promises that the United States will respond to the Sony hack, and North Korea drops off the internet. Could there be a connection?

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Kudos to Microsoft: Fighting US attempt to access emails at Dublin data centre

Microsoft deserves our support and whole-hearted thanks for playing hard ball with the US authorities on this important privacy issue.

Are Americans less intelligent than Russians? Trend Micro security chief says yes

Are Americans dumber than Russians?

Wait. You don’t have to rush to answer that, because a computer security company has done the hard work for you, and come to a definitive conclusion.