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19-year-old wins one million airmiles after finding United Airlines bugs

Vulnerability researcher Olivier Beg from Amsterdam has been handsomely rewarded with one million airmiles by United Airlines, after finding some 20 security holes in the company’s software.

Bug bounty layover. United Airlines waits six months to patch serious vulnerability

A security researcher has alleged that United Airlines waited close to six months to patch a serious vulnerability submitted to its bug bounty program.

David Bisson reports.

NYSE: Bad software rollout – not hackers – took out the Stock Exchange

Sorry to disappoint you, but hackers weren’t to blame for trading being halted on the New York Stock Exchange.

NYSE halts trading and United Airlines flights grounded

Trading has halted on the New York Stock Exchange and United Airlines grounded thousands of flights worldwide.

Could it be Chinese hackers at work? Be careful not to jump to conclusions…

Security researcher ‘hijacked plane in-flight’: questions and (some) answers

News reports claim that a security researcher forced a plane to fly sideways – all from the comfort of his seat.

Here’s what we know.


United Airlines bug bounty – find vulnerabilities, win airmiles!

The latest high profile firm found running a bug bounty is United Airlines. And rather than offering the conventional cash rewards, United is offering airmiles instead.

But watch out, there are rules regarding what kind of vulnerabilities you can test for…

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The United Airlines malware attack

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