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The UK Cabinet is meeting on Zoom… here’s the meeting ID

In case you’ve lost the Zoom meeting ID for today’s UK Cabinet meeting, here it is.

53% of Britain’s most frequent porn watchers aren’t aware that they’re about to be blocked

A new survey has revealed that the majority of Brits are blissfully unaware that next month the UK Government will be requiring porn websites to verify that their users have obtained a “porn passport.”

Now criminals are ringing up British MPs to ask them their passwords

Passwords are supposed to be secret. However nicely someone asks you, don’t tell them your password.

UK government threatens to launch drone strikes against hackers

For all its bombastic bravado, the UK government would be wise to remember that it is incredibly difficult to accurately attribute an attack.

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Hackers attempt to break into UK MPs’ email accounts, as Houses of Parliament targeted by cyber attack

The British Houses of Parliament have been targeted by hackers who attempted to break into email accounts of MPs and their staff.

Here are simple steps that everyone – not just the UK’s top politicians – should take to better defend their systems.

Ouch! UK Govt’s Cyber Essentials scheme suffers data breach due to configuration error

The UK Government’s Cyber Essentials digital security scheme has suffered a data breach caused by a configuration error in a software platform.

Emails exposed, which means phishing attacks could follow…

David Bisson reports.

Businesses falling short when it comes to cybersecurity, says Government report

A “sizable proportion” of businesses have still not put in place basic protection and policies to protect themselves from attack.

Is that true of your company?

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