The Ubuntu software update dialog that leaves you guessing

So, would you install this Ubuntu software update now or ask it to remind you again later?

Gun-wielding penguin promises not to leak 1.8 million passwords stolen from Ubuntu Forums

“If I do get into a website, most of the time there’s no REAL malicious intentions,” says hacker Sputn1k_.

Ubuntu Forums hacked, 1.8 million passwords and emails stolen

Canonical, the lead developers of the Ubuntu Linux-based operating system, have admitted that its online forums were not just defaced this weekend, but also that hackers managed to steal every users’ email address, password and username from the Ubuntu Forums database.

VIDEO: Cross-platform malware runs on Windows, Mac and Linux

Watch a video of the Boonana malware as it infects on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu Linux via a malicious Java applet.