ToTok chat app tells users to ignore Google’s spyware warning

Google is warning users that ToTok is unsafe. ToTok says that users shouldn’t trust Google’s warning…

Would you risk running a VPN in the United Arab Emirates?

Those caught could face jail time and substantial fines.

Stealth Falcon spyware targeting critics of the UAE, say researchers

Researchers believe they have found evidence that suggests the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is developing its own custom spyware to monitor its enemies at home and abroad.

David Bisson reports.

Bank refuses to pay $3,000,000 ransom, hacker exposes customer account details

A hacker has published the account statements of hundreds of United Arab Emirates (UAE) bank customers after his $3 million ransom demand went unfulfilled.

David Bisson reports.

BlackBerry outage made roads safer, police claim

Police in the UAE have given a surprising explanation for a dramatic fall in traffic accidents last week: drivers’ BlackBerrys weren’t working.

Was BlackBerry’s service outage the real reason for better road safety – or were other factors at play?