A simple way to kill off Twitter trolls

@th3j35t3r writes on his blog: Simply put. If Jim is blocked by John, Jim can no longer even utter Johns handle/twittername in a tweet. If he attempts to the tweet simply doesn’t process or gets sinkholed. Period. The end. Forever, or until John unblocks him. This approach would not infringe on Jim’s ‘freedom of speech’,

Social Autopsy wants to expose trolls’ real identities – but is that wise?

Good people sometimes do dumb things, or say something thoughtless.

But that’s not a good reason to damn them, or destroy their online reputation.

Vile troll uses Twitter ads to urge transgender people to commit suicide

Shouldn’t Twitter do more to police promoted tweets, or could anyone buy a series of Twitter ads to spit out bile and hatred to thousands of others?

Read more in my article on the Hot for Security blog.

Don’t be an internet troll. You could be sent to jail!

Are you annoying on the internet? Have you ever offended someone online?

Arizona might be inviting you to spend some time in jail in the near future.

How to deal with an internet troll

The internet is full of offensive trolls – learn the best way of dealing with them, and why it’s important not to pour fuel on the flames.

Facebook, trolls, temples and death threats

Thanks to those of you who have dropped me a line in the last week or so following this story on The Register, “Facebook Troll sends mob against Cluley.”