Hotel credit card wrong transaction email malware attack

Emails claiming to be from a hotel about a wrong transaction on your credit card are being spammed worldwide – with the intention of infecting your computer with a malware.

Inter-company invoice emails carry malware

Have you received an unexpected “inter-company invoice” from a company for the period January 2010 – December 2010?

If so, chances are that your computer is being targeted by cybercriminals who are using the disguise as a method to infect your computer with a Trojan horse.

Trojans spammed out in malicious wave of fake DHL emails

A significant wave of malicious emails is spammed out, posing as notification messages from courier firm DHL.

Don’t click on the attached file, however, as it contains a Trojan horse.

Uniform traffic ticket malware attack widely spammed out

Computer users beware! There’s a new widely spammed-out malware attack, claiming that you have being fined for speeding in New York City.