Linux Mint site hacked, users unwittingly download backdoored operating system

Linux users should not fool themselves into believing that they are somehow magically immune from malware attacks.

Read more in my article on the We Live Security blog.

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Corkow – the lesser-known Bitcoin-curious cousin of the Russian banking Trojan family

A little-known banking Trojan, developed in Russia, has managed to infect thousands of victims’ computers without the knowledge of their owners.

Learn more about it in my article on the We Live Security blog.

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Android bootkit malware infects more than 350,000 Android devices

Dr Web researchers discover a sophisticated malware attack, designed to infect Android devices even after you think you have cleaned them up.

If you’re not yet running anti-virus software on your Android device, you are playing an increasingly dangerous game.

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Worryingly, CryptoLocker ransomware turns from a Trojan… into a worm

As if CryptoLocker wasn’t causing enough problems by infecting and locking thousands of innocent users’ Windows computers, security researchers have discovered a new variant of the ransomware that takes its propagation to a new level.

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Online gamers targeted in malware attack, exploiting old Microsoft vulnerability

Security researchers at ZScaler have uncovered a malware attack, seemingly targeted against the computers of Chinese game players.

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ALL-CAPS virus scare spreads on Facebook, warning of girl with disfigured face

An alarmist warning has spread across Facebook once again, proving once again that many users are far too willing to pass on warnings without checking their facts with a reputable source.

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Python-based malware attack targets Macs. Windows PCs also under fire

A new malware attack is targeting Mac computers with a Python-based backdoor Trojan.

And Windows computers aren’t getting away scot free either.

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Mac backdoor Trojan embedded inside boobytrapped Word documents

A backdoor Trojan horse, which would allow a remote hacker to access your Mac computer without your knowledge and potentially snoop on your files and activity, has been discovered hidden inside a boobytrapped Word document.

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Malware compromises USAF Predator drone computer systems

Malware has infected the control systems used by the United States Air Force to fly Predator and Reaper drones, logging keypresses as the unmanned aircraft are flown remotely in Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan and other conflict zones.

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German ‘Government’ R2D2 Trojan FAQ

Was the R2D2 Trojan used by German law enforcement agencies to spy on citizens?

Read our FAQ, and learn more about this unfolding case.

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‘Government’ backdoor R2D2 Trojan discovered by Chaos Computer Club

A Trojan horse allegedly created by the German government to spy on citizens’ online activity and Skype conversations has been discovered.

Sit back, eat your popcorn, and get ready for the political storm if this proves to be true.

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Christmas tree Trojan blamed for NBC News Twitter hack

A keylogger is being blamed for a high profile attack which allowed hackers to gain control of the NBC News Twitter account, and post bogus messages about a terrorist attack.

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Simon Pegg is Twitter-hacked, warns fans of Trojan horse threat

Actor Simon Pegg says that his Twitter account was hacked in order to spread a malware-infected screensaver to his 1.2 million followers.

6 sec read – all you’ll contract is a malware infection

Read more in my article at Naked Security.

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New Mac backdoor Trojan horse discovered

Read more in my article at Naked Security.

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13 years jail for bank robbers who used Trojan horse

Read more in my article at Naked Security.

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