Toyota Australia driven offline by cyber attack, as heart hospital hit by ransomware

Car maker Toyota admitted earlier today that it had suffered what appears to have been a malware attack at its facilities in Melbourne, Australia, which knocked out its website and other communications.

Read more in my article on the Tripwire State of Security blog.

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Robotics supplier’s sloppy security leaks ten years’ worth of data from major car manufacturers

Security researchers have discovered 157 gigabytes of sensitive data from over 100 manufacturing companies left exposed online for anyone to access.

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Toyota dealer sued for stealing intimate photo off couple’s smartphone

A couple has sued a Toyota dealership for stealing an intimate photo off a smartphone and uploading it to a website for swingers.

David Bisson reports.

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Car hacking: there’s more than one way to crash a car [VIDEO]

At the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas this week, security researchers will demonstrate their ability to hack into cars such as the Toyota Prius and Ford Escape, and mess around with vehicles’ internal electronic systems, including those related to braking and steering.

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Toyota says it was hacked by ex-IT contractor, sensitive information stolen

Toyota claims that if the information were shared with competitors, or made public, “it would be highly damaging to Toyota, and its suppliers, causing immediate and irreparable damage.”

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