The Pirate Bay is cryptomining for Monero with your CPU again

The Pirate Bay is in hot water again after being discovered running a cryptocurrency miner on its website.

Make sure you always read the <small> print.

Malvertising campaign pushes data-collecting VPN on iOS users

A malvertising campaign is targeting iOS devices with a VPN that doesn’t hide the fact it collects large quantities of users’ information.

David Bisson reports.

Malicious torrent file conducts distributed WordPress password attack

The Sathurbot backdoor trojan uses the lure of torrents to deliver a distributed brute-force attack against websites with weak WordPress administrator passwords.

David Bisson reports.

Hackers are automatically seeding trackers with malware disguised as most popular downloads

Cybercriminals are spreading malware via torrent distribution networks, using an automated tool to disguise the downloads as trending audio, video and other digital content…

David Bisson reports.

Windows 10 uses your bandwidth to help strangers download updates

Have you updated your computer to Windows 10 yet?

If so, one hopes you’re aware of one of its less well-known features – that could mean that your internet bandwidth and data plan is being used to help complete strangers download their updates.

Doctor Who "Name of the Doctor" finale may have leaked early, but you really shouldn’t download it

Doctor Who’s season finale, “The Name of the Doctor”, has accidentally fallen into the hands of fans in the United States.

But downloading a torrent of the as-yet unbroadcast episode may not be the wisest move.

Pirate Bay blocked! 93% oppose court order on UK ISPs, poll reveals

The British Court has ruled that UK ISPs must block access to the popular file-sharing website, The Pirate Bay. A move that will no doubt prove unpopular with its three million UK users.

Pirate Bay faces UK web block

The High Court in London has paved the way for what could become a nationwide ban on accessing the notorious Pirate Bay file-sharing website.