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Critical security fixes on their way from Microsoft, but none yet for the CVE-2013-5065 zero-day

Microsoft says it is all set to fix a bunch of security flaws on Patch Tuesday, including one involving TIFF files.

But there’s no date yet for a fix for an in-the-wild zero-day threat affecting Windows XP users.

Microsoft to patch actively-exploited zero-day flaw on Tuesday

Microsoft has a fix already prepped, for an attack that has seen malware load directly into computers’ memory, bypassing the hard drive.

Patch Tuesday looms – but no sign of fix for TIFF zero-day vulnerability

Eight security bulletins are planned for Tuesday – but when will the fix for the actively-exploited TIFF zero-day vulnerability be released?

Microsoft zero-day was used in Citadel Trojan campaign, as well as targeted attacks

FireEye says it has uncovered evidence that the recently-announced Microsoft zero-day vulnerability is not just being used in targeted attacks, but also has been used in wider finanically-motivated malware campaigns.

Zero-day targeted attacks via boobytrapped Word documents. Microsoft releases temporary fix

A previously unknown TIFF remote code execution vulnerability is being exploited by hackers in targeted attacks.

Microsoft has released a temporary workaround to protect users.