Tesco blocks 620,000 Clubcard accounts after security scare

Over 600,000 Tesco Clubcard owners are being sent new cards after the supermarket giant determined hackers had attempted to access accounts.

In an email sent to affected Clubcard users, Tesco said it had spotted fraudulent activity related to some customers’ Clubcard vouchers.

Barclays, Halifax and Tesco banks still vulnerable to POODLE attack

Six months after the world was warned about the POODLE bug, some online banks don’t seem to have received the memo.

Tesco customers’ usernames and passwords exposed by hackers

A list revealing more than 2000 usernames and passwords, belonging to owners of Tesco Clubcards, has been published on the internet raising concerns once again about how accounts are protected from online criminals.

Free Tesco and Primark Voucher scams hit Facebook

Don’t be fooled by Facebook scams claiming to offer you free vouchers for shopping at Primark, Tesco, Asda and other stores…

Tesco installs face-scanning technology so it can target you with ads

Tesco is introducing face-scanning technology at its petrol stations across the UK – so it can target you with adverts.

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Fake Tesco/Asda voucher scammers on Facebook hit with large fines

Two firms have been fined a total of £450,000 (approximately US $720,000) for running a series of scams on Facebook.

The scams, which claimed to offer free vouchers and supermarket gift cards for the likes of Tesco and Asda,resulted in members of the public signing-up for expensive premium-rate phone services.

Tesco warns customers of £250 gift voucher Facebook event scam

Supermarket chain Tesco has warned its customers about a scam that has spread on Facebook, claiming that attending an event on the social network can will earn them a free £250 gift voucher.

Shop for free at Tesco? Beware – it’s another Facebook gift card scam

It is Tesco’s turn to find its brand being abused by Facebook scammers, pretending that they have gift cards and vouchers for free shopping at the popular British supermarket.