Terrorist’s mainfesto used to spread disk-wiping malware

Following mass-shooting in New Zealand, someone has taken a copy of the terrorist’s Word document and weaponised it to download malicious code from the internet.

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Laptops, tablets and other gadgets banned from cabin on some US-bound flights

Thinking of bringing your laptops, tablet, camera, or DVD players into the airplane cabin?

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Israeli security firm claims to have hacked ISIS forum, discloses future targets

An Israeli security company says that it hacked an ISIS forum and disclosed where members of the terrorist organization might be planning future attacks.

David Bisson reports.

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You know you’ve lost if terrorism means you start banning public Wi-Fi

After terrorists killed 130 people in Paris last month, it’s no surprise to see law enforcement looking to find “easy wins” to curb future attacks.

But blocking Tor and banning public Wi-Fi? That’s not the right response at all.

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The media link the PlayStation 4 to terrorist attacks in Paris

I’ve been reading stories all day that suggest that the terrorists who killed over 120 people in Paris might have used a PlayStation 4 gaming console to plot and plan their crime…

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Osama Shoot down video scam spreads on Facebook

Facebook users are being tempted to click on links to what purports to be a video of Osama bin Laden being shot, in the latest scam to exploit the hot news story of the Al Qaeda leader’s death.

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Osama bin Laden death video scam spreads virally on Facebook

A link which claims to point to a video of the death of Osama Bin Laden has been spread virally across Facebook today, just hours after the death of the Al Qaeda leader.

But in truth it’s a scam.

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