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Reports of tech support scams rocket, as fraudsters make a pretty penny

A genuine Microsoft error message or security warning will never include a phone number. So don’t call it!

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Fraudsters impersonate victims’ ISPs in new tech support scam

Has your ISP told you that they have detected malware on your computer? Are you SURE that it’s really your ISP telling you that?

David Bisson reports.

New tech support scams mimic ransomware, lock users’ computers

If your Windows computer tells you to call a support number for a product key, can you be sure you’re not falling for a technical support scam?

David Bisson reports.

VIDEO: The Christmas gift of computer security

Do the decent thing and share a little joy by checking your loved ones’ computers this Christmas time.

Why you never need to give out your password to your work’s help desk

The truth is that your office’s help desk doesn’t need to know your password to fix something on your computer.

Remember, any unsolicited offer to fix your PC should be ignored.

Tech support scams and the wisdom of Solomon

Fed up of technical support scams?

Fingers crossed the scammers all get round to calling Dr Solomon, after which they’ll be so discouraged that they’ll quit and take an honest job.

Study reveals scale of fake tech support call scams

More and more people are reporting that they have received bogus support calls out of the blue, offering a free security check of their home PC.

Learn more and listen to our tips on how to protect yourself.

Scammed pensioner told heavy rain caused computer virus infection

Bad weather blamed for bogus virus infection??

Telephone scammers prey on the vulnerable. Make sure your family and friends are on guard against similar scams and educate them about the threats.

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