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Blogger turns tables on cyber-scammer by infecting them with ransomware

BBC News reports:

A French security researcher says he managed to turn the tables on a cyber-scammer by sending him malware.

Technical support scams try to convince people to buy expensive software to fix imaginary problems.

But Ivan Kwiatkowski played along with the scheme until he was asked to send credit card details. He instead sent an attachment containing ransomware.

On one level I feel like just about everyone else reading the story. The scammers deserved everything they got, and isn’t it hilarious that a “victim” turned the tables and managed to infect the criminals’ computer with a copy of the Locky ransomware.

But another part of me feels uncomfortable.

I don’t think the existence of online crime gives any of us a green light to break the law ourselves, tricking others into running malware and making changes to their computer systems without their permission.

Yes, waste scammers’ time if you want to. But I would not recommend breaking the law.

Nonetheless, I’m sure some of you will be tickled by the story. You can read it in full on Kwiatkowsi’s blog.