technical support scam

Reports of tech support scams rocket, as fraudsters make a pretty penny

A genuine Microsoft error message or security warning will never include a phone number. So don’t call it!

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Taboola ads exploited to serve up tech support scams

Criminals are exploiting users’ natural sense of curiosity with native advertisements to serve up tech support scam pages.

David Bisson reports.

Four arrested as Microsoft and UK police team up to crack down on technical support scammers

Four people have been arrested after a two-year investigation by Microsoft and British police forces into telephone scams which prey upon the vulnerable, tricking them into believing their computers have been infected by malware.

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Compromised websites redirecting tech support scam hosted on numeric domains

US internet users are being targeted with technical support scams hosted on sites with numeric domain names.

David Bisson reports.

TeamViewer stopped working? Let me guess, your ISP is TalkTalk…

TeamViewer can be used for good. TeamViewer can be used for bad. UK ISP TalkTalk doesn’t want you to use it at all.

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Google search results are falling foul of scammers spoofing well-known sites

Online fraudsters managed to waltz past Google’s vetting and successfully plant a rogue ad for the world’s most searched for retail store: Amazon.

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Scammers can trick Microsoft Edge into displaying fake security warnings

Technical support scams are more successful for fraudsters the more convincing their warning appears.

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Brand new TalkTalk customer is targeted by phone scammer

How *did* scammers know that a brand new TalkTalk customer was experiencing a technical problem?

Or did they just get lucky?

Browser hanging? Don’t call that support number! It’s a scam!

An annoying browser-locking bug is being exploited by tech support scammers to trick unsuspecting users into phoning them up.

David Bisson reports.

Scare tactics! Tech support scam claims your hard drive will be deleted

Scammers are trying to frighten their victims into phoning them up, claiming that their hard drive is only minutes away from being wiped.

David Bisson reports.

Blogger turns tables on cyber-scammer by infecting them with ransomware

BBC News reports: A French security researcher says he managed to turn the tables on a cyber-scammer by sending him malware. Technical support scams try to convince people to buy expensive software to fix imaginary problems. But Ivan Kwiatkowski played along with the scheme until he was asked to send credit card details. He instead

Norton Antivirus tech support scam lands Symantec reseller in hot water

Symantec has terminated an agreement with one of its partners after a rival security firm caught the reseller using fake anti-virus warnings to lure customers into purchasing Norton at a bloated price.

David Bisson reports.

iOS crash report? Don’t be fooled by iPhone/iPad scammers

Have you had an unusual error message popping up on your iPhone or iPad posing as an iOS crash report?

Keep your wits about you – because it’s possible that scammer is attempt to trick you out of your money, by pretending they are Apple tech support.

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Support scammers – at your service!

Anti-virus veteran David Harley has another look at tech support scammers – and warns of the suspicious “Windows Service Center”.

Tech support scams and the wisdom of Solomon

Fed up of technical support scams?

Fingers crossed the scammers all get round to calling Dr Solomon, after which they’ll be so discouraged that they’ll quit and take an honest job.