Form W-2 data thefts are rocketing, warns FBI

Businesses beware! Online criminals have ramped up their attempts to steal W-2 information from the finance and human resources departments of organisations, according to a warning issued by the FBI.

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Scammers target tax preparers with last-minute phishing attacks

Scammers are sending last-minute phishing attacks to tax preparers in the hopes of making off with taxpayers’ refunds.

It seems nothing is certain, except scams, death, and taxes.

David Bisson reports.

Seagate employees at risk of identity theft after tax forms disclosed

Past and present US employees of data storage firm Seagate are learning to face the facts: their identities may now be in the hands of a criminal gang, after the company revealed that a phishing attack had successfully stolen personal and tax information.

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Tax-related phishing scams and malware attacks have quadrupled, says IRS

The IRS says that the number of reports it has received of phishing and malware schemes targeting US consumers have rocketed this tax season – claiming that it has seen an “approximate 400 percent surge”.

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Beware! That bogus tax-related email could be hiding the NanoCore trojan

Researchers have spotted an ongoing tax-themed malicious email campaign that is delivering the NanoCore remote access trojan (RAT) as its malware payload.

David Bisson reports.

IRS hacker attack puts US tax payers at risk

The IRS has admitted that for more than two months malicious hackers targeted its systems, and managed to gain access to information about more than 100,000 tax payers.

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