Tavis Ormandy

Anti-virus industry’s bête noire Tavis Ormandy to enter the lion’s den

The Virus Bulletin conference is being held in Denver, Colorado, next month. And they have a controversial guest…

Zero-day vulnerabilities reportedly found in Kaspersky and FireEye security products

This weekend, vulnerability researchers have separately disclosed flaws in products from Kaspersky and FireEye that could be exploited by malicious hackers.

Microsoft patches Windows, Internet Explorer and Office against funky font security flaws

Flaws in the way Windows handles TrueType font files and a zero-day flaw found by Google researcher Tavis Ormandy are addressed in Microsoft’s latest Patch Tuesday.

Make sure your computer is properly protected as soon as possible.

Microsoft plans critical security update for Tuesday. Patch before you’re pwned

Microsoft says it will be issuing seven security updates, including six that the firm classifies as “critical”, on Tuesday 8 July.

Make sure your computer is patched promptly, or risk having it attacked by cybercriminals.

Heads-up! If you use Internet Explorer, or MS Office on Windows *or* Mac, get your patches now!

Microsoft has released its regular monthly bundle of security fixes, known as “Patch Tuesday”. This time it doesn’t just mean security patches for vulnerabilities in software running on the Windows platform – Mac users could be at risk too.

Microsoft warns in advance of five security bulletins it will publish on Tuesday. Are you ready to patch?

Windows and Microsoft Office are in the firing line.

But will Google engineer Tavis Ormandy’s latest security hole also be fixed?

Patch Tavis Day

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Tavis Ormandy – are you pleased with yourself? Website exploits Microsoft zero-day

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Did Google engineer act irresponsibly over Microsoft zero-day disclosure?

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