targeted attacks

Graham Cluley keynoting about targeted attacks at ISACA Ireland, October 3 2014

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Dragonfly hackers target 1000 Western energy firms, industrial control systems

More than one thousand companies related to the energy industry in Europe and North America are said to have been targeted by internet hackers, with particular interest in compromising industrial control systems.

Who would possibly have a motive to launch such an attack? *innocent face*

New zero-day exploit attack sees Internet Explorer in the line of fire. No fix from Microsoft yet

A new zero-day vulnerability has been found in all versions of Internet Explorer, and it is being actively exploited in targeted attacks according to security firm FireEye.

Just previewing an Outlook email could infect your computer. Microsoft warns of zero-day flaw


Microsoft hasn’t patched against this zero-day vulnerability yet, which is actively exploited by malicious hackers.

Want someone to click on your targeted attack? Disguise it as a LinkedIn message

New research reveals that one of the most successful methods of hitting a company with a targeted attack is to disguise it as a simple LinkedIn email.

Internet Explorer users warned of zero-day exploit used in targeted attacks

Microsoft has issued a warning about a critical zero-day vulnerability in versions of Internet Explorer, that is being exploited in “limited, targeted attacks”.

Although no official patch is available yet, the company has issued an emergency Fix It tool to reduce the risk.

Targeted attacks explored in Proofpoint infographic

Security experts at Proofpoint have produced an attractive infographic summing up the threat posed by targeted attacks and spear-phishing.

UK Government under cyber-attack says Chancellor George Osborne

The UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer has said that British government computers are being attacked by over 20,000 malicious email attacks each month.